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Happy works together!

We want to create shareholder value. Period. How does this translate to a successful strategy involving our customers though?

Professional Services

We want to create shareholder value. We cannot keep doing that by delivering lousy service. So we have to deliver good services. S3M – delivering good services – makes happy returning customers and paid invoices. Paid invoices and happy customers create shareholder value for S3M shareholders.

Technology Products

We want to create shareholder value. Our products therefore have to deliver on expectations, and meet objectives. So we cannot just play around with software and systems, we need to know what we are doing and make sure we keep ourselves informed about the latest trends.
Our products have to be easy to use, easy to maintain and upgrade, easy to teach and understand, and thus, easy to sell. Products that can demonstrate the ability to deliver and meet expectations are easier to sell. Easy to use effective software solutions makes happy customers. Happy customers pay invoices. Paid Invoices help in creating shareholder value.

Customer Oriented

We want to create shareholder value. Also for our customer. Delivering superior products and services at competitive prices, keeps our customers winning business. When our customers are winning business, they are happy, and their shareholder value can increase as well. When that happens, our happy customer can increase their order book with us, which makes us happy.
Our strategy then… is to do what it takes to be – and remain – happy! We can then go home happily, and forget about strategy-mategy for a little while, and enjoy life outside work as well, to return to work inspired and energized…

Ability to Deliver

At S3M we believe that most people working in IT, should not be in IT at all. An able organization or team does not have to be composed of hundreds of workers. Too large a team or IT workforce easily causes misalignment between business and IT, and inefficiency spawns from within such organizations, making any initiative immediately an over-engineered task, with high risk of failure. S3M consultants constantly focus on the question whether as an individual, as a team and as an organization; they are still able to deliver. This constantly raises the bar and allows our customers to move or stay ahead of the pack. Often with smaller teams, the agility to deliver becomes the ability to deliver.

Will to Achieve

The will to move ahead is at least as important as expertise, and while expertise can grow with training and coaching, the internal drive to perform above expectations is not easily acquired. That’s why S3M carefully selects its consultants based on expertise AND internal drive, and nurtures both through targeted training and enough space and time for winding down, holidays, changes of landscape, and recharging opportunities, so that the internal drive can be sustained in high quality work-life balance.

Vision to Inspire

Expertise shared is expertise multiplied, that’s why our consultants are frequently offered opportunities to learn for their peers, specialists in their domain, as well as share with others on their insights and achievements. Throughout all this, the S3M-lined XR (streamlined expertise repository) has become a valuable and ever increasing source of human capital, of best practices and of tools to hit the ground running in the most demanding of situations where our consultants are called in.

We found our vision highly compatible with the values of eTIC, and so we are happy to be registered with eTIC under registration number 1149.

Lean and Mean

S3M rigorously applies Activity Based Costing principles, and thus does not heavily invest in offices, or other tangibles not actively contributing to a sustainable added value. S3M team members work in flat organizations with minimal hierarchy. At S3M we value output-oriented benchmarking and rewarding structures, and sharing experience and expertise. Our work has to meet high quality expectations. So does our leisure time, as work-life balance remains in focus!

Light and Green

Natural light, natural resources, renewable energy, hybrid and electric vehicles, passive buildings and housing, cloud computing, relaxing and inspiring background music, code re-use, rapid application development, unusual benefits for employees (keeping everyone happy, you know), extreme programming, agile and lean management, manage by exception, at S3M you can find it all. All the time.

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